Faithful Sunshine

I’ve created this website to support my book, Faithful Sunshine.

This was an experience that touched me deeply and a story I felt the need to share.  During this experience, I was faced with humility and reality, but came to the realization that blind faith and a little forgiveness along the way may be all we need.  God truly loves us.  He may not help us find what we want, but He helps us find what we need.  He’s a faithful God.  His love for each and every one of us is amazing!  He even loves those who don’t know Him.  It’s so easy to ignore, or simply fail to notice God’s messages.  I have hope that those who read this story will take the time to reflect on their own experiences.  Once you see how all the pieces fit together then—wow—you find the Grace of God!

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WestBow Press: Faithful Sunshine (Softbound)

WestBow Press: Faithful Sunshine (Hardbound)

WestBow Press: Faithful Sunshine (EBook)

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I sincerely hope my book touches others!  Help me share the Grace of God!  If you purchase the book, feel free to share your copy with others.  I hope to touch as many as I can with my story.  I hope it will help others see that God is with us.  He gave us Jesus!  He helps us every day, no matter what we are faced with!  If you like the book, please go online to the website where you made your purchase and please write an honest review.  I simply wanted to share this amazing experience.  Thanks so much!  – Lisa Anne Duda

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